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Bienvenue dans le Cabinet d'Avocats ALI NEYA

Mining code

Having regard to the constitution;

Having regard to the letter n° 2003-046/AN /PRES/SG/DGSL/DSC of 4th june 2003 from the Speaker of Parliament concerning enactment of Act n°031- 2003/AN of 8th May 2003.


Article 1: Act n° 031-2003/AN of 8th May 2003 concerning Mining Code in Burkina enacted

Article 2: This decree, shall be published in the Official Journal of Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou,the 30th of June 2003

To read more about it , please refer to the PDF document below

Attached Docoments

Le Code Minier (PDF - 611 ko)