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Bienvenue dans le Cabinet d'Avocats ALI NEYA

The firm Neya can represent creditors in issues such recovery of debt including unpaid invoices, promissory notes, bank checks, mortgages and their financial obligations.

Many debtors are aware that foreign creditors often do not have the necessary contacts or the ability to pursue a debtor in a foreign country.

Foreign judgments in Burkina can be introduce into the national legal system For corporate clients and individual international, by going on trials to recover amount owed for unpaid goods or services, applying our clients' rights under the domestic and international trade legislation.

The enforcement of court decisions can be made by:

  • Seizure of property
  • Seizure of bank accounts
  • Conducting research to locate assets

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Recovery of debts abroad.

The firm offers clients the possibility to recover through close cooperation with its foreign correspondents.